Stirling’s R&D Manager Acts as Judge in Mock Dragons Den Held at Bath University

21 February 2014

Dr. Simon Hancock, Research and Development Manager of Stirling Dynamics, returned to the University of Bath to act as a judge on a panel for the final presentations of students taking the “commercialisation of new technology” module. Students from variety of different backgrounds and courses were put in ten different groups and asked to present a new product along with how they would commercialise it. The panel was to decide whether the projects were investible or not.

Earlier this week Dr. Hancock presented on Intellectual Property to the same students to help them consider various possibilities when launching their innovations. The students had an impressive range of ideas ranging from new types of coffee and baby harnesses, to energy saving shower equipment.

Commenting on the presentations, Dr. Hancock stated: “The students came up with a wide range of interesting business ideas and it was good to see that they’d taken on board the information they had been presented with during the week. We learned a few things as well and hope to do this again next year”.